Direct Trade French Roast El Salvador Tecapa Blue

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Rich body with aromatic chocolate notes, a hint of sweet florals, and a long, round finish.

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Rich body with aromatic chocolate notes, a hint of sweet florals, and a long, round finish. Tecapa Blue Coffee is grown on Finca Los Angeles, a 175 acre plantation in the Tecapa-Chinameca region of eastern El Salvador. Perched high on the side of a volcano, the plantation has been owned and operated by the Samayoa family since 1890. On Finca Los Angeles, they implement various sustainable methods such as organic farming, protection of wildlife, careful shade management of trees, recycling, composting, and the education of a healthier lifestyle for their employees. The shade grown coffee sits under a canopy of indigenous fruit and shade trees. Maintaining this diversified forest cover is costly. Careful pruning takes place annually, the goal being to acquire a 60/40 ratio of sun to shade without compromising the natural habitat of birds, butterflies, and small mammals. In order to produce a higher quality of coffee, the women who come are paid to pick a higher rate. This guarantees that only the best cherries are picked. Green beans are left on the trees for a second, or third pass until they are truly ripe. It is not unusual for the women to carry 100lbs sacks of cherries back to the hacienda for weighing at the end of a long day of picking. We believe it is important to support small family plantations that are committed to producing the best quality coffee beans possible.

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